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Via [personal profile] firecat, [personal profile] med_cat has done a fine service by translating relevant bits of LJ's new Terms of Service.

We knew (or at least suspected) that this was coming.

As before, I wholeheartedly recommend Dreamwidth as an alternative. I find it to be like LJ but less deliberately frustrating. [personal profile] rebelsheart offers a guide to leaving LJ for DW.

I'm trying to decide how much I want to reduce my LJ footprint right now. Crossposting and commenting will continue to be enabled for the time being, and I've not (yet) deleted or flocked my entire journal. (Among the reasons I'm not deleting at this time: some number of pre-2011 entries contain links to other LJ entries, and I'd prefer not to linkrot myself.)

We shall see.
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[personal profile] siderea observes that it may be time to consider leaving Livejournal (ironically, post is only avaible on LJ, at least right now). Short form: LJ is now based entirely in Russia, not just owned by Russians, and there appear to be political purges of journals already going on.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dreamwidth as an alternative. I find it to be like LJ but less deliberately frustrating. [personal profile] rebelsheart offers a guide to leaving LJ for DW.

For now at least, I'll continue to live primarily at DW and crosspost to LJ. We shall see what, if anything, changes in the next few months.

argh spam

Jun. 28th, 2012 09:45 am
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Due to a sudden influx of anonymous Dreamwidth comment spam on old entries, I'm experimenting with a captcha for anonymous commenting at Words Are Inadequate on Dreamwidth. If that fails I'll be temporarily disabling anonymous comments.

Curiously, this batch of spam seems to be copypasting various comments bitching about captchas and other verification systems. Nice of them to remind me that I had the captcha option.

In other news, yay for upholding the Affordable Care Act, and wtf Roberts upholds but Kennedy dissents. Also I need to do some actual prep for my Agon game tonight.
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Complaints of xpost failure have been coming through; let's see if this one makes it.

Wrote the Last Lousy Fifty Words of the bookwyrms story last night. (Give or take a couple hundred, what with actually writing transitions and making the ragged edges of scenes meet properly instead of [[[DOWNSTAIRS]]] or [[[CAN'T DO THAT]]] or just leaving a bunch of whitespace.) It got a first-read response of "adorable," which is good enough. I'll let it sit for awhile and revise it early next week, and then I guess I submit the thing to its designated anthology.

I'd still like to be writing longer pieces (this one clocks in at 1500 words) but hell, two stories drafted is twice what I had for all of last year.

This evening I hop a train to Seattle, on which I shall Relax and also do the reading for the Commie Pinko Writing Contest. And tomorrow I'm off to the Rainforest Writers' Retreat in the company of Nicole and Klagor and what I presume are a variety of other cool people. I have no idea what I'm going to work on while I'm there. Maybe I ought to brainstorm/outline one of these ideas I've got lying around. Maybe that'll get me writing something more substantial.

Unrelated to writing, it'll be good to get away for awhile. The main advantage of a long-distance relationship wasn't so much that it provided opportunities for random travel; rather, it provided opportunities for random travel without my partner. I love [personal profile] uilos dearly but we're both at home All The Time. After nine months with only a week and a half break for VP I'm starting to get twitchy for some sustained Me Time.

I could also do with some time when I'm not expected to be staring at work, I expect. Brain is slowly leaking out my ears.

Linkspam, loosely media-related edition.

Liam Neeson versus, well, everything, from "Wolves" to "Outdated Ideas About Sexuality," with a stopover at "The Bastard English" ("aren't there actually two of those?").

Very tangentially related, A History of Ireland in 100 Excuses. Via Crooked Timber, where Maria notes, "It’s almost impossible to cherry-pick because half of the fun is the cumulative effect, and the other half is they’re so damn funny." (For linguistics geeks, an explanation of #10, and further amusement.)

TV Is Broken: "Did it break?" "No. It's just a commercial." "What's a commercial?"

Against Big Bird, the Gods Themselves Contend in Vain, in which [livejournal.com profile] scott_lynch re-encounters the best Sesame Street special ever, Don't Eat the Pictures. "[I]t's plain that we've had Big Bird figured all wrong. He's no kindergartener. He's a previously unknown aspect of the Eternal fucking Champion."

The Star Wars Saga: Suggested Viewing Order. Brilliant. (My preferred viewing order is "IV," but I'm in the minority that doesn't care much for Empire on account of how it's not a complete story.)

[personal profile] rbandrews notes that "someone at w00t harbors dreams of being a slipstream writer."

slow times

Feb. 2nd, 2012 10:46 pm
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PSA for those of you on both LJ and DW: you can now associate your LJ OpenID with your DW account. In practice this means you can claim comments made on LJ and imported to DW, so that they show up as being under your DW account and not "username.livejournal.com."

What the heck have I been doing for the last couple of weeks, anyway? Right, sulking and/or hiding, I remember now. *ahem*

Mostly it's been pretty quiet. Gave up on Farscape sometime week before last; started watching Leverage instead. It is exactly the kind of thing I like: fun characters with enough depth to be interesting, complex plots, and witty banter. I'd like to see more development of either plot or character as the season progresses. So far, though, it's sufficiently entertaining that I'll keep watching until either the arc picks up or I get bored with the lack of one. (Or rather, until I run out of season 1, at which point I'll probably switch over to Burn Notice because that's what's here. Which is okay too.)

Last week I went to see William Gibson with semilocal J--. Gibson is very tall, and stoops more than I do, which is impressive in its own way. He's also got pretty much no Virginia accent. Being gone for twice as long as you spent there will do that, I guess. He also talks fairly slowly, but consistently has some interesting things to say. Would stand in line to see/hear again.

Been kicking around ideas for a role-playing game since I seem to have stumbled into a few players. And still beating my head against a brief scene I don't think I'm good enough to write. Perhaps tomorrow I shall conquer it.

... it occurs to me that in addition to being the HUGELY IMPORTANT scene where the story either works or falls flat, it's a heavily visual scene, and I am whatever the opposite of a visual writer is. Nngh. I couldn't give myself a nice simple story to ease my way back into things, could I. Oh well. Learn by doing and all that.
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21 days for Dreamwidth, #21:
What's your favorite thing about Dreamwidth?

I could say that it's the friendliness, or the developers' willingness to keep working on things that are frustrating, or the way it's imported nearly ten years of history from Livejournal without much of a hiccup. But honestly? It's the expanding cut tag.

(If you don't know what I'm talking about, click over to Dreamwidth to take a look at the cut tag ETA: and click the triangle next to it!)

It expands! )

So there's that.

(the cool new people i've met are a close second, though. *wave*)


Apr. 25th, 2011 03:50 pm
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Here begins [personal profile] finch's 21 Days of Dreamwidth meme (original post). I'm not limiting my content to DW, for reasons to be explored later this week; but I'm happy to do a bit of awareness-raising, and also to have an excuse to post something each day for the last three weeks I'm at my workplace.

1. Why did you sign up for Dreamwidth?

Because [personal profile] jadelennox was pretty enthused about it in April '09 and was kind enough to give me an invite code. Which, yay. I bought a seed account because I could, and because I like supporting good fledgling creative endeavors; I actually started using DW last summer after LJ's questionable decisions became sufficiently questionable as to affect me too.

On Friday [personal profile] uilos and I had a shockingly nice drive through the rain. Traffic was horrid on all roads ending in "95" so we took 66 into the District and then drove along Rock Creek Parkway / Beach Drive. I've missed watching a good solid rainstorm in a forest. Plus the various bridges along and over Rock Creek Parkway tend to be exactly the kind of architecture I like to see: either big swooping arches, or simple stone structures that look like they belong.

[personal profile] thanate had a fine dinner waiting for us when we got there, and there was plenty of good conversation to be had as well. Then we came home and crashed.

Satyrday we Discussed, and went to the last ABG before departure; Sunday was Easter luncheon with my family (as thrilling as you expect, although the cherry pie was good) and then a very slow relaxing afternoon/evening.

I'm a little surprised by how ready to face this week I feel.
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Ten years ago [livejournal.com profile] shadowsong sent me a message on ICQ, more or less out of the blue, telling me that I should sign up for an account on this "Livejournal" site, so that I could read about her exploits in Scotland. So I did, and it was kinda neat. I spent a month or so reading her friendslist before I realised that I didn't really care about most of them but there were a few ([livejournal.com profile] jude, [livejournal.com profile] skreidle) I wanted to keep up with, so I started adding people on my own. And then I got a real job and figured that being behind a computer all day was as good an excuse as any to start posting.

Happy decade, [livejournal.com profile] jazzfish! Ten years worth of putting words on screen has improved my writing immeasurably. There are lots of places I could stand to improve, but I've got a good start on the sentence-level craft. Not to mention all the people I've met through you: [personal profile] jadelennox, [livejournal.com profile] playing_tragic, [livejournal.com profile] awakedreamer, everyone else I've been forgetting.

I dunno if my LJ presence will last that long, but here's to another ten years of [personal profile] jazzfish.
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Dear LJ,

Why in gord's name would you find it at all appropriate to allow-- to encourage-- people to repost LJ comments on Facebook and Twitter? Especially comments made in response to locked posts? And why would you not allow users to disable this "feature" for their journals?

("But it doesn't repost the content of the entry!" That's very slim consolation when the comment consists of "I'm so sorry to hear you and Chris are having problems!")

("But people could always do this!" Yes, but now it's far easier, with a casual disregard for privacy that I usually only expect to see from Facebook or Google.)

No love,

[personal profile] jazzfish

Seriously, LJ. WHAT THE HELL. I'm pretty casual about the connection between my LJ and my realspace identity, because I put everything I don't want coworkers or family to see behind a lock.

I'd prefer that you not repost any comments you make to locked entries in my LJ to FB or Twitter, in the same way that I'd prefer you not publicise anything I put in a locked entry. It's not, quite, a bannable/defriendable offense for me, but it's close.

Note that, as a fun side effect, this breaks the tab order in comments! Which means that if you've been commenting on entries for TEN YEARS and using a reflexive "comment, tab, enter" to post your comments, now you have to learn to add in another tab or three.

ObDWplug, and comment or email if you'd like an invite code.
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Tired. Apparently I can't actually get by on five hours sleep any more, not for two nights running anyway. But, you know. Some nights you just gotta turn that vicious cycle of You Suck as many times as you can.

Also warm. Feh.

As I'd expected, I'm better off leaving comments enabled on the LJ side and importing them over every so often. So I'll go with that.

(To those of you who never comment and chose "I'd comment less" anyway: what, you're going to start deleting other people's comments?)

And it looks like the crossposter works, so, yay.

Final decision on LJ paid-account features such as polls and photos and all can wait until next March.
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I just went over to Dreamwidth to see if something that's always irritated me about LJ (having to wade through communities and feeds when I'm setting up custom friends groups) was a problem there as well, or if they'd solved it.

It turns out that as part of the utterly reasonable change from "friends" to "subscriptions" and "access," they've also split filters into "reading filters" and "access filters." And, naturally, only actual users show up in the "access filters" section.

I love it when problems solve themselves.

Anyway. Between DW's introduction of tag merging, the full-text journal search, and the automatic cut expander (truly a thing of beauty: in DW, cut tags now have a little arrow next to them, and you can click the arrow to display the cut content without navigating away from your reading page), and LJ's trashing of their home page, I'm even more of a fan of DW. I've already moved imported the contents of [livejournal.com profile] jazzfish_media into DW, and gone through and tagged them all as well. That was a remarkably painless process. From now on I'll be cross-posting medialog entries at DW and here, behind a cut so that they aren't inflicted on the people who chose not to follow the medialog. This will make for a good trial run for crossposting in general.

At this point, I'm waiting on three things before completely jumping ship: the ability to read flocked LJ posts from DW (required); photo hosting (just barely shy of required); and a client for the Device (optional). There's a strong possibility that all three of these things will be available by the end of summer.

[personal profile] jadelennox has put together a great post on why DW isn't all or nothing. Of particular interest: it's trivially easy for LJ users to log in to their OpenID accounts on DW, and I plan on recreating my existing flist and security groups using everyone's OpenID anyway. (Which may automatically set up OpenID accounts for you all anyway; I'm not quite clear on how that will work.) I've also got a handful of invite codes available should you want to create your own DW account. (In theory, someday there will be the option to merge comments made under your OpenID with your DW account.)

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] jadelennox also linked to coffeeandink's How to move from LJ to DW in six easy steps, which I should really include here since seeing that link go by was one of the several things that prompted me to make this post.

I plan to keep DW as my main journal, and use LJ to stay in contact with the large number of non-DW readers. So I'll be cross-posting to LJ. I'd prefer to keep all comments on DW; I expect the additional hassle of having to log in over there (and lose your userpics) will cut down even further on comments. What I can do is crosspost entries, leave comments active on the LJ side, and regularly import the comments from LJ. This, of course, means more work for me, so I'd rather not do it. Hence, a poll!

[Poll #1588628]
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Why hello there, LJ comment notification emails from yesterday! You certainly took your sweet time getting here, didn't you?

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Just imported all the entries (and comments) formerly at [livejournal.com profile] jazzfish_media. Now I need to reset the userpic on them all, and tag them all, and in the process read over them and say "good lord, what was i thinking?"

It feels like. . . progress.
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One of the more unexpected WisCon panels I attended was on Dreamwidth. The panel consisted of four or five people talking about why they used DW. The comment that really drove it home for me came from (I think) the moderator: "I use Dreamwidth because there's a Preview Comment button in DW. (laughter) I know, right? It's such a trivial thing. But it's also something that's been a requested feature in LJ for literally years now, so much so that it was implemented in DW like a day and a half after the release. DW is highly responsive to user feedback, especially since a lot of the bugfixing and feature work is done by users. Meanwhile LJ is busy giving out little snowflake cookies."

I was reminded of this when I got home last night and tried to catch up on LJ, and couldn't figure out why the links on my Friends page that I'd helpfully labeled "previous twenty" were only taking me back ten entries at a time. Finally I found it, buried in a [livejournal.com profile] news post next to an electric purple ONTD header image: "we changed everyone's default entries per page from 20 to 10 to improve performance! here's a link to fix it, if you really want to."

This is an annoyance to me; it's something I can easily fix. If I'd made a special script based on the number of default entries, I'd have to tweak that script. If I'd created that script for accessibility reasons, and was simply too exhausted to fix the script, and too exhausted to try to read LJ without it. . . suffice to say that I can see where [personal profile] jadelennox is coming from.

I created a Dreamwidth beta account last April, and bought a seed account (which I've yet to activate) once they went on sale, because DW seems like a really good place to be: responsive to user requests, open to people fixing stupid things about the code, generally Not Evil and (so far at least) Not Stupid. (Anyone else remember when one day Brad went in and decided to put an arbitrary limit on the number of posts you could make per day, without telling anyone? Good times, and shades of things to come.) For the past year and change I've been considering switching over. I've watched friends make the jump, pretty seamlessly it looked like. Mostly I've been resisting having to keep a reading list in two places.

Another thing mentioned at the panel was that DW has a plan for how to read locked LJ entries from DW. I'm pretty sure that that would mean I'd no longer have any good reasons not to use DW. (Bad ones, yeah: photos, redoing my journal style again, all the normal hassle associated with moving to a new platform for anything.) If and when bug 710 gets resolved, I expect I'll be spending some time setting up crossposting and crossreading and all that good stuff. (I have no intention of abandoning my LJ-using friends! I like you non-gender-specific guys!)

I've had an LJ account for nearly ten years now (missed 'early adopter' by *that* much. I blame [livejournal.com profile] shadowsong). It's been my online home for twice as long as any given physical residence. It makes me a little nostalgic to think about giving it up. But, sometimes it's just time.


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