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I'm mostly adapted to being a one-cat household now. It feels like learning to live with and work around a missing tooth: it mostly doesn't matter, except when something slips and you realise that it's not quite right and hasn't been for awhile.

Kai is lonely, as expected. She's taken over the duty of sitting with anyone who's on the couch, and round midnight she complains that there's no one else in the cat-bed.

I don't know how I grieve, not really. I know how to hold together and I know how to be a sympathetic shoulder.

Other than that.

Viola: there is a marked difference between knowing what you're doing wrong, and knowing how to do it right. At my lesson on Tuesday I think (hope) that I've finally figured out how to hold my left hand properly and in a more natural / less tense position. Gonna have to drill that into me for actual playing of things other than scales, but it felt right enough that I couldn't go back to holding it the way I'd been at the start of the year. Progress, maybe. I'm also gonna have to learn how to play a close second finger: my hand doesn't seem to want to move like that in that angle. Carnegie Hall.

Also sometime in the last year I developed the ability to tune by fifths rather than by harmonics, which is neat. Harmonics: if you rest your finger halfway up one string, not pressing down to the fingerboard, you get a neat ringing tone that's an octave above the open string. If you rest your finger a quarter of the way up the next lower string, it makes the same tone. You can tune your instrument by making sure these tones are the same. Alternately, if you can hear perfect fifths, you can just play both open strings simultaneously and tune one until the chord sounds right. This is the 'normal' way to tune a stringed instrument, and I couldn't do it until recently. So that's neat.

Work: The act of deciding that I want to look for a new job has been remarkably freeing. Work is still stupid and slow but that bothers me way less. Partly that's because the awful IT guy is gone; partly it's because not caring and not feeling trapped makes the idiocies far more bearable. We're still not getting bonuses, we still haven't gotten raises in coming on two years, but, eh. Whatever. If it gets bad enough I can leave, and meanwhile there's breathing room here to work out some stuff.

Condo: Emily's put in a raised bed on the patio, using leftover 4x4s from when they redid the fencing in February. The kitchen cabinets are being put in late next week, and hopefully the counter will go in early the week after.

I am more and more convinced that this is an acceptable stop-gap place, and a fine place to make money on for no reason (we bought for $480 in October; a somewhat-nicer unit in this building sold in February for $600, and an only-slightly-nicer one in March for $570), and unsuitable long-term. I'd thought/hoped that it was just barely big enough; it turns out that it's a little too small. The lack of insuite laundry is getting to me, as expected. Etc. Oh well. Something else will turn up.

I'm also becoming less and less certain that I want to stay in Vancouver, but that's a whole different fishkettle.
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I've been expecting to write this post for, what, four years now? It's somehow not gotten any easier in the meantime.

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If the (covered, nontransparent) cat box is substantially heavier than I expect it to be, I should wait a few minutes before attempting to clean it out.
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Last month we put Chaos the old white cat on a small dose of gabapentin. In people this is an anti-anxiety med. I'm told it doesn't actually numb the pain in his back legs, but it makes him care less about it. He's definitely up and moving a lot more and may be getting some muscle mass in his hips again, which would be good. He's also feeling enough better to insist on LAP TIME anytime anyone is home, and to occasionally take out his frustrations on Kai the little brown cat. (Kai is also old but not really showing it, except for how her "dilute-tortie" coat grows more dilute each year.)

I went down to Portland last weekend with Steph and Kat A--, to see / meet a handful of west-coast VP folk. It was good to just hang out with some pretty decent new people for awhile, and talk shop or books or cats or whatever.

We stopped at Powell's on the way back, which was of course amazing. I somehow got out with only $50 in books. That could easily have quadrupled or more if I'd had the chance to see more than two-ish of their five floors. Definitely going back at some point.

And the sun had come out, and Kat's car is a zippy BMW convertible, so we put the top down for the trip home and I sunburnt my scalp. Worth it, though. I'm beginning to come 'round on road-trips, at least ones with good company and frequent short stops.

House-hunting eats up a stupid amount of time and brainpower. There are just enough maybes on the market that I keep checking online to see if anything new has come up, and going out to look at the possibles, and being mildly (at best) disappointed. All this takes time and makes it hard to schedule things for evenings and weekends. Bleh.

Two open houses tonight. Perhaps one of them will work out. If nothing else November and December are likely to be dead times, and then it'll kick back into gear come spring.


Aug. 14th, 2016 08:03 pm
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Home from wedding (someone else's) in nearly-Oregon. Survived the week of many minor stresses, to wit:
  • House-hunting in Vancouver is stupid. The first realtor I talked to said straight out "I cannot in good conscience sell anyone a condo in an older building, and that's all you can afford. Have you thought about looking much further out?" Thankfully the agent we went with is willing to a) wait for the right place to come up, and b) do a lot of due diligence on older buildings if that's what we're interested in. Meanwhile prices continue to climb despite sales slowing down. I don't understand how that works either.
  • Company got acquired. I'm still employed, I figure 60-80% chance of still being employed this time next month, but still, hectic.
  • A couple of my good friends are having problems. Nothing that can't be worked out, I expect, but no fun in the meantime.
  • Partly as a result of that one of them dropped out of RPG night, necessitating a scramble for a replacement and also some quiet freaking-out over whether I've done something stupid as GM. (Or as a human being, but I freak out about that all the time anyway, that's nothing new.)
  • And to top it all off, on Thursday night Chaos (the arthritic, hyperthyroid, kidney-failing, stud-tailed, no-longer-diabetic stubborn-as-hell cat) started heavily favoring his right hind foot, to the extent of not being willing/able to put any weight on it, even to climb up onto the couch to sit with people. He spent Friday hiding under the bed, partly to get away from the piledriving across the street but probably partly because he was miserable and in pain.

Fall over now, I think. Things what I fully intend to post about this week:
  • Aforementioned wedding, incl. good conversation with Dr HawkWhale (WhaleHawk?)
  • Twenty years on the Van Gogh boat, or, me and Julian Schnabel's Basquiat
  • My senior year English teacher died last week, and I wish that mattered more to me (It doesn't; condolences aren't necessary)
  • Housing in Vancouver is beyond stupid

Meanwhile, onward.
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Let's see. Still writing (mostly just on Wednesdays with Steph), still playing the viola and starting to sometimes feel like I'm beginning to get the hang of it. Still less than thrilled by job but hey, they pay me. Still looking for a better (closer to downtown, less frustrating) apartment. Settling into getting used to the idea of having a stable living situation, and being able to think and plan about what happens next.

Finally got the cats on all wet food all the time. They've been on dry food for long enough that wet food has been "okay this is a nice treat but where is my REAL dinner?" It's taken a couple of brands to get to some that they'll consistently eat most of. I say "some" because we had one that we thought would work but after a week that turned into "aww, the humans bought a case of our favorite food, now we can't like that kind anymore." Mixing it up seems to be sufficient.

Apple has deigned to offer new normal-sized phones, so we'd intended to go pick those up this weekend. In addition they now give you some amount of credit for your old phones, which seems like a win-win proposition. Unfortunately the local stores are sold out of new normal-sized phones for the next couple of weeks. And the easiest way to get credit from the old phones is to exchange them at the time of purchase, which precludes ordering online. So, new phones once I get back from Niagara.

I did go ahead and pull the trigger on a new laptop, though. I may go to my grave defending the hardware setup of Taranis, my current laptop, as The Best Ever. It's got a CD drive, a Magsafe power connector that detaches safely when you accidentally kick the cord rather than yanking the laptop off the table, and it's got a software Eject key that is intensely stupid but can be remapped to be a proper Delete. Sadly newer models of Macbook have removed the optical drive and replaced the useless Eject key with what I think is a Power key that I can't remap. And all indications are that Apple is getting serious about moving to USB3 for power ports with the new models that ought to be out this fall. I figured, I may as well get while the getting is no worse, and if the new laptop lasts me five years like this one did then it's a fine investment.

And this Friday I fly out to Niagara for a week of gaming. I'm not really feeling the get-up-and-go urge, which seems ... odd. I suspect I'm pulling in on myself again. Eh. Will sort that out once I'm back from Niagara.

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"... but behind me, my cats are doing a conga line." (Reference)

I've had a new chair at work for about two weeks now. The desks at work supposedly go up and down so they can double as standing desks, only mine doesn't go up high enough to be a comfortable height for standing. I could get risers for it, but then it won't go down low enough to trade off sitting & standing. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I finally got a tall chair and a set of risers for the desk, so I've been a stand-up guy off and on. It's good: standing up means I move around more often and don't get quite so stiff.

I've had this chair for less than two weeks, *at work*, and it's already got cat hair on it.

Posts what I have not written and would like to:
  • Musicking
  • Why Transistor (the video game) Doesn't Work, Narratively Speaking
  • On the Impossibility of Finding an Apartment in This Town
  • Harrison Hot Springs, Again
  • Ask Me Where My Money Goes
  • Burnout Or Just Tired?
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A cat, however hard he tries,
Grows creaky without exercise.
Our Chaos-cat is stiff and fat,
Which is not to be wondered at.
He gets what exercise he can
By falling off the ottoman,
But generally seems to lack
The dignity to clamber back.
The falling-off-the-ottoman thing is, as they say Drawn From Life. He's not really fat anymore, though, hasn't been for years. His hips are still distressingly bony from this past summer's bout with diabetes and the years of general arthritis.

He has also begun turning his nose up at his twice-daily joint supplement treats, which were the BEST THING EVAR about five months ago. O, cat. At least he'll still eat his thyroid pills.


Dec. 14th, 2015 06:49 pm
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Done today: submitted a story, returned a rental car, put away the dishes, got my eye licked (twice) by the useless cat, stared at the wall in a mental fog.

Note the absence of things like "went to work" in that list. Stupid sick.

For much of last week I was stressed out about various things: cat illness (Kai spent Sunday not keeping food down, was fine Monday morning and then having trouble again Monday night / Tuesday morning, so off to the vet she went), work stuff (multiple releases scheduled for Friday), xmas shopping (supposed to be done one afternoon last week but unexpected cat illness put a damper on that plan). So it's not a huge surprise that I woke up Friday morning with a sore throat, or Saturday morning with the same sore throat plus some sinus ache.

We ran around on Saturday in the wet and the cold accomplishing fairly little: failed to pick up fish because the fish guys weren't at the farmer's market, checked out a potential apartment that idn't meet standards. Xmas shopping for shipping to the US got done, at least, and everything got wrapped up and boxed up. And we got four litres of syrup for something like $80 CAD. Which is, what, like two buck American these days?

I felt a lot better on Sunday so we and writer-Steph bundled into the car and headed down to B'ham, to give money to the USPS and poke in bookstores and eat delicious wood-fired pizza. I also wandered around in the cold and rain without a jacket, since I hate driving with a jacket and putting it on and taking it off was a nuisance. In retrospect this may have been an error. I crashed hard when we got in, and decided this morning that recuperation was the better part of valor.

Here's hoping this week will go better.

oof time

Oct. 31st, 2015 10:41 am
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I am still struggling through, and have yet to achieve work/life balance. Have a couple of weeks worth of update.

Cats: Kai is perfectly fine, if a little rounder than she ought to be.

Chaos has been revealed as vampire-cat. Or possibly vampire-victim-cat. Part of managing a diabetic cat involves glucose testing, which requires a bit of blood. THIS CAT HAS NO BLOOD. We spent half an hour last weekend repeatedly sticking him in the ear or toebean, getting a tiny drop of blood, wiping it away (because you can't use the first drop), and then getting about half as much as the glucometer needs before the stick-hole seals up.

E took him to the vet on Thursday, where they used their magic powers to extract blood from him and determined that we probably ought to double his insulin dose.

He's more mobile and more talkative since he's been on the insulin, which are both good. He doesn't seem to be gaining any strength back in his legs, which isn't, but supposedly that'll take awhile.

The discovery that I *can* juggle book + tea + Skytrain pole has improved my commute immeasurably.

Finally read all three of Ann Leckie's Ancillary books last week, which are fantastic. The first is, mm, probably the best-plotted and best-structured, but the second and third have more interesting things to say. Also, "We aren't related, Cousin" is the best line on the best page of anything I've read in quite awhile.

Also (re)read Bear & Mole's Iskryne books. I read A Companion To Wolves (AKA "the book that tackles the Green Dragonrider Problem") when it came out and thought it was great: a *very* interesting exploration of gendered roles in a warrior society, as well as just being a good read. I read the second one, The Tempering Of Men, when *it* came out, and was mostly frustrated. Rereading it now I'm even more frustrated. NOTHING HAPPENS IN THAT BOOK. There is *no* reason for it to exist, plot-wise. It is entirely build-up for the third book. What payoff there is comes in the form of an inevitable romance plot.

The third book, An Apprentice To Elves, came out last month, and I dutifully picked it up and plowed through. And... despite ToM being made of setup, the first hundred pages or so of A2E are mostly backstory, because it takes place fifteen years later and a decent bit has happened in the meantime.

The book goes on to ramble in ways that remind me unpleasantly of Neal Stephenson: too much Cool Stuff, not enough resolution. Fascinating gender politicking but that's not enough to hang a book on, not for me. Your mileage may vary.

Currently reading: Dracula Unredacted, by Bram Stoker with assists from Kenneth Hite and Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan. The conceit is that Dracula was a thinly-fictionalised after-action report of a British Intelligence attempt to recruit their own personal vampire and all the ways it went wrong, and the original novel had to be heavily redacted before it could see print. This is the "original" version, annotated by three generations of British Intelligence agents who are not entirely sure that the ongoing attempts to recruit a vampire are a good idea at all. It's really a giant prop for the Dracula Dossier campaign frame, in which the players are secret agents fighting vampires... the idea being that the players read Drac Unredacted and follow up on some of the annotations, making for a neat, complex campaign. I'll never get to run it of course but it's still excellent reading.

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To Chaos's laundry-list of conditions (geriatric, hypothyroid, arthritic, impending kidney failure, heart murmur) we can now add "diabetic."

His back legs have been weak for years but over the past couple of months they've gotten drastically worse. So we took him out to the vet yesterday, and she ran some tests, and, yep. Diabetes.

So now, in addition to the morning pills to supplement his nuked thyroid, morning anti-inflammatory syringes for arthritis (temporarily stopped while we rebalance everything else), kidney-cleaning powder mixed in with food, and joint-strengthening cat treats twice a day, he now gets insulin injections every morning and night.

But, y'know, he's still Chaos the happy cat, super-friendly and pleased to see people. All he wants in the afternoon/evening is for me to lie down on the couch so he can come sit on my chest and purr at me while I pet his head. So I guess we'll be keeping him.

Dammit, cat.
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Turns out getting an enclosed litterbox didn't solve all the problem, because the problem comes from the cat not bothering to get all the way *in* the box. This is partly due to arthritis in his hips, and partly due to him having to go SO BADLY that he can't or doesn't want to hold it until he gets into the box and turns around. We've upped his antiinflammatory dose and moved the litterbox into the living room, closer to where he sleeps, and those seem to have fixed the problem.

I mean, ultimately the problem is the arthritis, which traces back to Chaos being an Elder Cat (he turns sixteen in October). To quote Beckett, "You're on Earth, there's no cure for that!" But he's still perfectly happy, if a bit wobbly in the back end. So we keep him comfortable and give him lots of cuddles.

I'm a bit worried about the winter. This is not an apartment that retains heat all that well, except in the summer. I suspect that we're going to have to get out the electric blanket for him at night, and then Kai will insist on stealing half of it.

I have viola thoughts but those haven't quite gelled yet. Not unlike my playing of the Kreutzer etude.
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I've been doing a lot of complaining lately but life isn't all bad.

We solved the cat pee problem by going back to an enclosed litterbox. The trouble with this is that the litterbox no longer fits under the sink in the bathroom. So we're experimenting with where to put the box. Currently it's in the entryway, which may or not work long-term.

Chaos has had a delicate stomach ever since we nuked his thyroid last summer. Thankfully, he's also taken to singing the song of his people before he yukes anything up, so we have some advance warning. A few weeks ago it occurred to me to try scooping him up and pointing him at the kitchen sink, rather than cleaning up whatever gets spit up on the carpet, and that works surprisingly well. I'd rather he weren't yuking a couple of times a week, but at least it's more easily cleanable.

On Satyrday we watched Jupiter Ascending with semilocal J--, Kathy, and writer-Steph. It's ... very pretty, and crammed full of backstory, and still kind of incoherent. It would have benefited from being either substantially chopped down, or spread out over two or three movies. Very very pretty, though. I almost regret not seeing it in the theatre.

Turns out the flooding problem from a couple of weeks ago was a result of a grease fire on the twenty-sixth floor. The sprinklers went off, and can't be shut down until the fire department shows up and says it's okay to shut them off, so they flooded everything from twenty-six on down. Luckily we're on thirty-one. One elevator is running; the other might be up in a month or so as they apparently have to have a part custom-made.

I've read a story for a quick critique for [personal profile] okrablossom and am reading Steph's novel, and have been bearing slowly forward on my own. Viola continues, and maybe I'm better than I was a month or two ago. (Been too warm to practice, which sounds like an excuse and sort of is, but only sort of.)

No word on the job front. Eh. Something will come up. Or it won't.
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1) I seem to have caught a summer cold. My sinuses feel like they've been packed with sand.

2) There seems to have been a flood (burst pipe, I assume) in the basement last night. The elevators have been out most of the day. Climbing twenty-five flights of stairs is Not Fun.

3) On Tuesday I saw a software testing job come up that wants "two years experience." Hey, says I, I've got that, thanks to three crappy software companies in Blacksburg a decade ago. May as well apply: I hate testing but they aren't gonna call me anyway. On Wednesday I got an email from a guy wanting me to come in for an interview today. Said guy wasn't there when I showed up, having apparently forgotten about the interview, and the person who did interview me basically said "we're looking for someone with automated testing experience," which I don't have, because crappy software companies. Complete waste of my time.

4) Icing on the cake: one of the cats (probably Chaos but we haven't seen him do it) is no longer into this whole "litterbox" thing. Near as we can tell he's getting into the litterbox and then mostly missing the litter. Contra LBJ, I'd much rather have him outside the litterbox peeing in than inside peeing out. Not sure what we're going to do about this.

In unrelated news, a barge carrying two houses just went by.
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What a week, and it's not even over yet.

Mon thru Wed )

Today I finished reading Samuel Delany's Babel-17, which is brilliant and everyone should read it. The most recent edition (from Vintage) also includes Delany's story "Empire Star," which is written by a character in Babel-17, and is either brilliant or stupid and I cannot decide which.

Also today there was ziplining, which wants its own rant. But I'm tired and this is quite long enough already. Tomorrow.
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This A Softer World comic hits uncomfortably close to home, and would have reduced me to tears and speechlessness about five years ago.

Let's see.

Foot: still sore, still a little swollen. Going back to icing it today.

Viola: Went to pick it up on Monday. I am much less of a fan of the colour than I'd hoped: it's a lot flatter than anticipated, and it makes it look... cheap. More importantly, there was an inch-long crack next to the tailpiece. Looked like someone had dropped the package on its end and hit the tailpiece just right. So it's going back to the factory. I'll call the store today and see if I can talk to a human being and cancel the dye job, just get a glossy-black hybrid.

On the bright side, they loaned me the standard carbon-fibre viola they had in stock, and it sounds roughly a zillion times better than the $200 rental I had before. So there's that.

Writing: Been plinking away at this %&$ story. It looks like I'm going to have to do something I've never done before: write a scene or three from a different character's perspective so I can figure out what happens, even though I know for a fact I'm not going to use those scenes. Oh well. Going out to sit in a coffeeshop & write with Steph this evening, which will be pleasant.

Role-playing: reached a stopping point in the Lords of Gossamer & Shadow game last week. I made a rookie-GM mistake in the Big Fight Scene and had an NPC doing a lot of the actual fighting but apart from that it went reasonably well. We're now taking a break to play 13th Age, which appears to be "D&D with fewer rules and more cool storytelling tools."

There's also been some friction with the perennially difficult player, which might warrant its own post later. Or maybe not.

Boardgames: Forgot to mention that I spent much of last weekend at another boardgame convention thing. This one's run by a local wargame club, but they have a small contingent of 18xx players. It was decent: got in three games, and enjoyed the company alright. They have regular meetings one Friday a month, to which I may go.

I leave for the Gathering (ten-day gaming convention in Niagara) in eight and a half days. Based on the cost breakdown and the general state of finances this is probably a mild error in judgement, but it'll be fun.

Speaking of money, I'm also sorting through taxes, which are slightly complicated this year. That's why we pay Chris-the-accountant the small-to-medium bucks. On the "bright" side we're likely to get a small-to-medium refund depending on how some things get classified.

Cats: Are adorable. Chaos is a lot more mobile, and also a lot less steady on his feet than he wants to be, especially when jumping. But he *is* jumping, so that's a good sign. Mostly they both do a lot of sleeping, as is appropriate for elder kittens.

Overall things are good, I think.
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ME: *goes into spare room*

CHAOS: *wanders in*

ME: You probably don't want to be in here, cat.

CHAOS: *sniffs curiously*

ME: *opens viola case*

CHAOS: *bolts*
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Ack. Sat down at 12:30 to read my book for half an hour, ended up buried under cats until nearly two. My entire schedule for the day has been thrown off.


The thing about learning the viola is that at this point it's all about getting to Carnegie Hall: that is, doing the same damn thing over and over and over again in the hope that eventually the muscle memory will stick. It uses effort and brain but not creative-brain, which is what seems to be more burnt out. So it's easy to put in an hour and a half of viola practice every day, but inordinately difficult to get through even an hour of (fiction) writing or revision.

The other thing about learning the viola is that I don't have to smash any of my awful pots. They come pre-smashed. This is sort of the nature of performative arts: you have to keep doing the same damn thing over and over again, but on the other hand there's (for me anyway) not the pressure to make it Absolutely Perfect In Every Particular.

I am, as it happens, horribly precious about my pots stories. I'm pretty sure that before I can really get anywhere as a writer I need to let go of that. I have little to no idea how to go about it.

("Just do it!" AHAHAHAHA yes. It really is just that easy. And it's just that impossible, too.)

ugh thud.

Jul. 24th, 2014 02:14 pm
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Spent half an hour this morning chasing Chaos around with a spoonful of wet food and a couple of pills.

Yesterday, found out CBS has revised the malaria guidelines as of Monday, and having visited any part of Jalisco (the state containing Guadalajara and Ajijic) puts you under a twelve-month ban on donating blood.

Too many things to pack and not enough boxes to pack them in. Somehow despite offloading an awful lot of books over the past six months to a year, we have almost the same number of boxes of books and we're running low on 703 banker's boxes.

Construction is ongoing in the apartment three floors up, a frequent buzzing/drilling/jackhammering noise.

We move in two and a half weeks. This is simultaneously not soon enough and not nearly enough time.

If you happen to see my focus please return it to this address.
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Let's see.


Is doing fine after being nuked. He's gaining weight (anecdotally, he feels more substantial when I pick him up), there's been no cat yuke to clean up, and he just generally looks better than he has in months. I feel a little bad for not having caught it sooner... but it was a pretty gradual drop-off.


Is ... going. My knees (more accurately, between my knees and shins, on the inside of the leg) have started hurting, so I've had to cut back. This is deeply frustrating, in a HOW WILL I GET ANY BETTER IF I DON'T PUSH MYSELF kind of way. There's a good chance I need new shoes; will perhaps go get those this afternoon. My lungs remain terrible; I blame the humidity.

As far as running-related goals go, I'm pretty much guaranteed to miss them. 'Run 10k without stopping to walk' by next fall might be doable. '5k in 25 minutes' is almost certainly not. 'Run or swim [or other acceptable exercise] 3x/wk for six months' relies on not getting sick, hurt, or traveling someplace where it's difficult to get out, which is both unlikely and not entirely within my control. Oh well.


Bright and sunny and warm enough that I'm noticing the humidity: upper-twenties this week, supposed to break thirty next week. Ugh. I console myself by remembering that the highs here have been the *lows* in the DC area for the last couple of weeks.


Apartment-hunting has been fruitless so far.

Apparently pimento cheese is a Southern thing. [personal profile] uilos made some and took it somewhere as a snack earlier this week, and it was met with suspicion and confusion. Huh.

Is there a statute of limitations for when semi-unexpectedly encountering certain people makes one start twitching? Asking for a friend.


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