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Elseweb a friend asked about personal hinge points, of the "if you could go back and do one thing differently, what would it be?" variety.

Most of the poor decisions I've made were the best decision I could have made at the time. As noted elsewhere, I lacked the tools to make better ones. To have chosen differently or better I would have had to be a different person. This rules out such obvious choices as "don't nearly fail out of college" or "don't give up on writing for the better part of a decade."

Having said that, there are one or two places things could have gone differently. For example... )

and again

Feb. 14th, 2011 08:42 am
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Today is Monday, February 14, the Feast of St. Valentine Emperor's Birthday.

Today in history:
On February 14, 1929, gangsters acting on orders from Al Capone gunned down six rival gang members and an optometrist in the wrong place at the wrong time, in what became known as the "St. Valentine's Day Massacre."


I dunno, this February is shaping up to be pretty decent.

It would be hard to top last year, though. Jim's death was bad enough. My "partner"'s response on hearing that he'd died was "oh. sympathy. so, are you going to [have an impossibly hard conversation like you've been saying you would for a couple of weeks now] tomorrow instead?" (Said conversation, some days later, was no picnic either.)

Perhaps February has decided to retire, having claimed its crowning moment of 'fuck you.'
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My calendar tells me that Friday was National Boss Day. Mine celebrated by getting sick and going home midway through the day. I don't remember where Friday evening went; we must have stayed home.

Satyrday I slept lateish, and made pancakes because I was wanting pancakes instead of an omelette. Eventually I got on the road to head out to D&D, a little later than I might have liked, and stopped at Safeway to pick up crack chips. Was running not nearly so late as I'd thought, so I figured I'd swing by Trader Joe's to pick up a couple things of Vintage Cola (which, incidentally, tastes like the Platonic ideal of Coke).

Cut for traffic bitchery. )Thankfully, after all that I got to hit a bunch of things with a hammer, so it was all okay. (In retrospect a Big Freaking Axe might have been a better choice than the Big Red Hammer. The difference between d10+2 ("d12 brutal 2") and 2d5+2 ("2d6 brutal 1") damage is mostly a matter of taste and whether one prefers a bell curve; the slight deficiency in average damage in the former is compensated for by its "high crit" quality, which means that if roll a 20 on my to-hit roll I get to add an extra die of damage. And most of the time I'm rolling two d20s to hit and picking the highest one, so my chance of a crit is effectively doubled.) (Here endeth the D&D neepery for the day.)

Satyrday evening [livejournal.com profile] daghain was in a play, and it would have been good to have seen that, but I was sufficiently beat that I just wanted to stay home. So I did.

Sunday started off with the sink flooding the kitchen during laundry again, which was about as much fun as it sounds. Eventually I got that cleaned up and finished and headed out for a ramble through Riverbend Park (on the Potomac, just north of Great Falls). Too warm, too many small children, and it turns out that what I was wanting was a ramble in company, but a decent walk anyway. Came home, had a fight with [livejournal.com profile] nixve, had dinner, tried to clear the sink with Drano, vacuumed, wrote email.

Was unfortunately still online at just after one in the morning, which led to an unexpected continuation of said fight, which led unrelatedly yet inexorably to getting sort of half-assedly dumped around two. There followed an hourish phone call during which, after some prompting, the dumping was performed with a whole ass, and then the ritual Changing of the Facebook Relationship Status, and then [personal profile] uilos being a Heroine of the Revolution. I remember hearing the clock chime four, and later hearing it chime 6:15, so I guess I slept for two hours in there. Emailed work to say "not today, sorry" and probably got another 2-3 hours of sleep. [personal profile] uilos also called in sick, so I had someone to fall apart on at random times throughout the day.

The apartment maintenance guys came by to fix the sink pretty quickly, which was nice. Later, I confirmed with [livejournal.com profile] nixve that it was neither a bad dream nor one of those things one says when exhausted but regrets the next morning, and talked with [livejournal.com profile] ancientsong, which helped an awful lot as well. Then home, and crashing.

Today I've listened to Inches and Miles and Trees Still Bend (which made me sniffly the first time I heard it, a little more than a year ago, and now just feels right and true). And now I'm at work, where I have an annoying blurry ache in my eyes and no keyboard tray.

Tonight is sushi with someone cool, and Wednesday is probably pumpkin acquisition, and Thursday is likely to be hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] elf, and Friday is Belly Horror, and Satyrday is Ren Faire and then ABG if we feel up to it, and Sunday is [livejournal.com profile] rislyn's followed by Tribal Cafe. I'm keeping busy, and sociable, and both of these are probably good things.
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[livejournal.com profile] nixve broke up with me last night, 'round two in the morning. Our long-term desires and my short-term needs have both been in decaying orbits for a couple of weeks now at least, and in the end gravity took its inevitable toll.

I would have posted this earlier in the day, but, like the man says, "you can hope against hope that nothing will change."
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So a week or two ago I spent an extended weekend in Seattle.

It was fun. )

gone again

Jun. 2nd, 2009 03:24 pm
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This weekend was pretty much the worst-case stress test for the 'weekend trip, go to work monday' plan: driving from BWI to work during morning rush hour on less than four hours' sleep. I seem to have survived. Came home and crashed hard but that's not unexpected.

On the other hand, it took me two hours forty-five minutes to get to BWI on Friday. Standard weekender traffic plus fierce thunderstorms plus no one in the DC area can drive if there's anything interesting to see on the other side of the road. Yeesh.

bits and bobs from a weekend )

And it's neither raining nor ridiculously warm here today, so life is decent.
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Maybe at some point I'll even get around to talking about my very cool weekend, featuring belly-dancing, aerial antics, lots of books, and new Girlyman songs. (Plus "Superior," which I don't think I'd ever heard live. Good stuff.)

meanwhile, have some more northwest )
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Pillsbury makes a brand of biscuits called "Grands." They're pretty good, but really flaky.

When I moved here I didn't bother buying any maps. I figured Googlemaps can get me a good overview of where I'm trying to go (not the directions, just the maps). Besides, I'd need a map of northern Virginia, one of DC, and one or two of Maryland to cover all the places I'm likely to be. My parents decided this was an intolerable state of affairs and got me the ADC Northern Virginia map for Christmas. It's a handy thing to have. But I still don't have a map of Maryland or the district. Isn't that grand?

Honestly, it's okay for the most part. Anywhere I go in Maryland is likely to be in the company of [livejournal.com profile] uilos, so that's not a big deal. And I avoid driving in the district on general principle. The one-way streets and the narrowness and the flood of cars generate more stress than I want to deal with. I can navigate reasonably well via metro provided I have time to plan out where I'm going: one-way streets are irrelevant to a pedestrian. But driving? Not so much.

The first time I went driving in the district I got lost in southeast for an hour or so. This was pretty impressive considering I'd been trying to get home (to Burke) from a restaurant in Fairfax.

I know I drove the minivan to the Kennedy Center at least once, and I know I drove the pickup to get a load of railroad ties from somewhere. KenCen is easy; the railroad ties thing was back in the maze of twisty little streets all alike. I /think/ that was the last time I'd driven in actual DC. A dozen years ago.

Until today, when my metro-to-DC-for-lunch-and-afternoon-wandering date turned into hurried-lunch-and-by-the-way-you're-driving-us-into-DC while I was on the way to pick her up. That was just grand.

Getting there was awkward: either I missed a sign or it doesn't exist, so there was some amount of backtracking, "What-the-hell"ing, and general irritation. But I had a navigator for that part. That helped more than I'd expected it to. No, it was the way back that caused trouble. "Go straight down Connecticut, I think I saw signs for 495." Argh.

Thus, when Connecticut became 18th (I think) and the Washington monument rose up before me in all its majesty, I panicked, and called for help. I imagine this made me the subject of some amount of derision. As it happened, all I needed to do was keep going straight and I would have been fine: the signs only said "50 East" but from that I could deduce that "50 West" was the other direction and turn appropriately.

It was, all things considered, not as hellacious as it could have been. With a map in hand it might even be worth doing again.

Until I get a map, though, I'm sticking to metro.
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I remember what I told you
1. Robyn Hitchcock gets mad bonus points for the creepy, evocative, singsong "Raymond Chandler Evening."
But I can't remember why
2. J. O'Barr can draw damn well.
Sometimes I think I've been bad and God has sent me to Hell.
3. He tells an okay story, too.
This isn't Hell but you can see it from here.
4. When you're trying to talk yourself out of being depressed, do not, repeat do not sit down and read The Crow straight through. This will not help. What it will do is the opposite of help.
5. On the other hand, talking to people is help, no matter how little you may believe it at the time.


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