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I don't really think of the new year as much of a new anything. Nothing changes, except on the calendar. No real external markers. To the left, it's as convenient a "where i'm at" marker as anything is.

As expected, not much travel this past year: Niagara and the Outer Banks, plus Martha's Vineyard for #VPreunion. Partly this is due to a severe lack of vacation time. Partly it's a reflection of how the latter half of my year was increasingly devoured by life changes. The coming year will certainly see more travel, though mostly to The Interior.

My various activities have taken a sharp plunge in the past few months as well. Amazing what suddenly needing twice or thrice as much time will do for one's priorities. With the exception of December, because moving is terrible, I've at least kept up with writing and viola, though less of both than I'd like. Video-gaming is all but gone; mostly I find I don't miss it much at all. TV-with-[personal profile] uilos has dropped off but will be kicking back up. Boardgaming has fallen off sharply, as has other social time. (I played literally ZERO boardgames during the month of December. First time that's happened since I started tracking my plays in 2005.) I am seriously looking forward to having a sustainable and stable schedule for at least the next few months, and making more opportunities for the things that make me me.

Housing. We found some, and in a neighbourhood I think we'll like. And despite that rather large outlay of time and cash I managed to save an acceptable amount of money. My emergency fund is stable, and I've (re)started a retirement account. At this point I am mostly pleased with my general financial situation: eating out too much, the past few months, but other than that things are decent. Good thing too since I'm deliberately cutting my income by a little under 80% starting in Aprilish.

I've also found or re-found some great people. Erin, obviously. Through her, what might be the start of other connections. I'm talking to Karawynn again, in what appears to be a sustainable if slow way. The new year seems to be a fine opportunity to re-evaluate what I'm looking for out of 'social' in general. Which, like so many things, wants its own post.

Last year, I wrote it'll do for a couple of years at least, and then we'll see where we actually are versus where we'd planned to be. Well. This is not where I'd planned to be, and nothing like where I'd thought I might be. Feels like I'm in the process of throwing things (social connections, life activities, employment options) into a stand-mixer, seeing what shakes out and what folds in.

Smells like a mid-life crisis, and right on schedule for once in my life.
And all of us
Are meant for the fire
But we keep rising up
And walking the wires ...


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