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Apr. 25th, 2019 11:07 am
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I signed a "Social Media Manifesto" at Minicon 54 wherein I promised to basically become a regular on Dreamwidth again. Because so many of us miss the community we had on Livejournal.

So! I shall try to post and read regularly from here on out. I may be a bit slow to get going post-Minicon as I'm still catching up on sleep and on all sorts of things. There may be a big of post-con depression in the mix too.

I had a great Minicon, but it flew by all too fast (every year it seems to fly by faster). Was great to chat with the people I got to chat with and to hear some good music and go to some excellent programming items and so on. Perhaps I'll even post a con report before the week is out.

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Apr. 25th, 2019 11:48 am
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One of the worst (and maybe hardest) things about being a teacher is this:

If I make a professional mistake, and learn from it, and grow, and add to my toolbox, and develop new skills, and come up with new ideas and get better, that still doesn't help the students I had before that happened, who I did not teach as well as I could've, and who genuinely deserved better.

Improvement over time is great, and a genuinely good thing, and I really do think it is happening to me. But it feels rotten to know that it comes on the backs of the students I underserved.



Apr. 25th, 2019 07:48 am
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(Modified from here. Units of measurement are Australian.)

  • 3 cups plain flour
  • 3 tsp baking powder
  • .75 tsp bicarb soda
  • pinch salt
  • 80g butter, chilled and chopped
  • 1.25c plain pot set yoghurt
  • .25c water
  • strawberry jam and more butter to serve

Preheat oven to 200C. Remove watch to avoid getting it coated in dough. Combine dry ingredients. Breadcrumb dry ingredients with butter. Swear at sore thumbs, remind self that no doctor has found anything wrong with hands. Slowly stir in a cup of yoghurt, because there's no milk in the fridge and two kilos of yoghurt, and one of them is use by a fortnight ago and hasn't even been opened. Open it and give it a sniff first. Yeah, it's fine. The breadcrumbed dry ingredients aren't all mixed in yet; add more yoghurt. Still too dry; add a little bit of water. That's better. Gently knead enough to get it all combined. Check recipe for how many scones this is supposed to make. Twelve? Really? Are they the size of hamburgers? Flour a baking tray and shape sixteen more normal-sized scones in hands without bothering to roll the dough out so as not to have to clean another thing afterwards. While doing so, sing "rollin', rollin', rollin', keep those scones a rollin'." Place scones on tray and tray in oven and set phone timer for 20 minutes. Wash bowl and utensils and hands. Put watch back on. Continue reading article about how everything you're eating is terrible for you until timer goes off; take out scones and allow them to cool on tea towel. Serve.

language practice returns

Apr. 24th, 2019 10:59 pm
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Mainly because I have been sick since this morning. I hope tomorrow I will be able to handle solid food; I have been on liquids.

Joe and I have this concept of "lowest energy state." It's the thing that you can do mindlessly to soothe yourself when you're too tired/sick/whatever to do anything else. For Joe, it's either watching anime or playing computer games. For me, right now, it's doing basic origami or language practice. I did a lot of Duolingo Welsh/French/German/Korean today...

Corrections/comments welcome, as always. Cockamamie "translations" of what I was trying to say available on request.

Cymraeg, in the form of a dialogue between Jedao and Cheris:

- Jedao: Sut mae, Cheris! Dych chi'n prynu gŵydd? Dw i'n caru'r gŵydd.
- Cheris: Sut mae, Jedao! Sut dych chi?
- Jedao: Dw i wedi blino ar hyn o bryd. A chi?
- Cheris: Dw i wedi blino hefyd, i fod yn onest. Dw i ddim yn eisiau prynu gŵydd. Dw i eisiau prynu llwynog.
- Jedao: Llwynog dw i! Pryd dych chi'n eisiau fwyta yn y swyddfa? Dych chi eisiau cawl heddiw?
- Cheris: Nac ydw. Dw i eisiau bwyta siocled neu tangerine.
- Jedao: Dw i'n mynd i yfed cwrw neu wisgi. Dych chi'n mynd i'r gwaith?
- Cheris: Ydw. Athro dych chi?
- Jedao: Ydw. Athrawes dych chi?
- Cheris: Ydw. Amser i fynd. Neis i weld chi. Hwyl!
- Jedao: Hwyl! Gwela i chi fory.

Français, in the form of a dialogue between Jedao and Cheris:

- Jedao: Bonjour, Cheris! Comment ça va?
- Cheris: Je vais bien. Et vous?
- Jedao: Comme ci, comme ça. Que fais-tu maintenant? Est-ce tu t'amuses?
- Cheris: Peut-être. Je dois conquérir l'univers.
- Jedao: Hein! Moi aussi. Peut-être nous pouvons travailler ensemble?
- Cheris: Mais je ne vous fais pas confiance. Vous êtes un goupil!
- Jedao: Les goupils sont complètement digne de confiance!
- Cheris: ...
- Jedao: Hélàs, maintenant je dois faire les vacances avec mon ami Kujen.
- Cheris: Est-il vraiment ton ami? Avec les amis comme lui, vous n'avez pas besoin des ennemis.

Deutsch, in the form of a dialogue between Jedao and Cheris:

- Jedao: Guten Tag, Cheris! Wie geht's?
- Cheris: Es geht mir gut! Was essen wir heute?
- Jedao: Keine Ahnung. Ich esse nicht, weil ich tot bin. Erinnerst du dich nicht?
- Cheris: Ja, ich erinnere mich nun. Ich hoffe, dass wir Schokolade essen können.
- Jedao: Ich mag Schokolade nicht.
- Cheris: Können die Geister essen?
- Jedao: ...Nein. Aber wir können denken, dass Schokolade ist schlecht.

한글, in the form of a dialogue between Jedao and Cheris:

- 재다오: 안녕, 채리스! 어떠니?
- 채리스: 안녕하세요, 재다오대군! 오늘 바둑노리 하십니까?
- 재다오: 고양이 사고시퍼.
- 채리스: 무순고양이 원합니까?
- 재다오: 귀여운 고롱고롱하는고양이.
- 채리스: 재가 고양이를 어들껍니다.

(Wow, Jedao is way easier to write in Korean because formal verb endings, what do?)

日本語, in the form of a dialogue between Jedao and Cheris:

- ジェダオ: ようこそ、チェリス!私の家へ?
- チェリス:あなたの家はどこにありますか?
- ジェダオ:星にあります。あなたの友達と会いますか?
- チェリス:私は友達がありません。
- ジェダオ:私たちは友達です!
- チェリス:...
- ジェダオ:レストランで寿司を食べますか?
- チェリス:はい。

(Sorry, I ran out of steam because my vocabulary is terribad.)

...Wow, it's so weird how the formality levels play out in some of these languages. (I didn't attempt to do it in Welsh because I frankly don't know enough of the conjugations yet. I just got introduced to "Sut wyt ti?" as the informal version of "Sut dych chi?/Sut dach chi?")

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Apr. 24th, 2019 10:39 pm
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Accomplishments for Today:

*Did normal workday things!
*Adapted a resource from a coworker and made it more thorough for my Algebra kids
*Put in all the participation grades from this week
*Afterschool PDs, yayyyy.

*Spent hour after PD chatting with coworkers and kvetching cheerfully about school and stuff.
*Found [personal profile] anu3bis on my commute home, followed him to his new house and spent an hour chatting with him and [profile] balsamic_dragon and the LionCub. We're gonna have dinner a week from Friday! I might show them Anna and the Apocalypse that night! This is all REALLY AWESOME!
*Veronica pinged me and was all "do you wanna Do A Skype Tonight?" and yes, yes I very much do, so I am currently Skyping with Veronica while she knits and I do my words. Veronica is best <3!

*I did not go to bed before 11 last night, but I did go to bed before 11:30, and I did set my alarm for 7 hours. I think I woke up briefly before it went off, but trusted the alarm and went back to sleep.
*Also I got up without hitting snooze, but that only sorta counts because I was at Austin's and it's a lot easier to not hit snooze if I know that by jumping in and out of the bed I'm being obnoxious to my partner.
*WENT TO HIGHLAND for the first time in a month and we did FOUR DANCES which is a _lot_ of dances, sheesus. Including Bonnie Dundee which is so hard and I hate it, but I am demonstrably better every time I actually make it there. But we did sword dance, which I tend to like, and Hornpipe, which is the only Highland dance I definitively love.

*Caught up on today's emails, including the four or five from yesterday after I had "caught up". Not even *delaying* on them, the ones that needed action, I took the damn action (be it reading the patreon post, responding to the personal stuff, or sending in my kickstarter surveys).
*Am writing my words for the 138th day in a row. They're not done yet, but I think I will probably make it.
*Edit: I did successfully do it! Also almost 400 of them were _fiction_, so that's clearly amazing.
*Gonna take a shower, shut up, it's allowed to be an accomplishment. Unfortunately, I'm probably not going to wash my hair, which I do need to do sometime soon, but still. Regular shower is good!
*School lunch today was _really good_. It was mashed potatoes and tangerine chicken (sortof a sweet-glazed style) and carrots and damn, I was so satisfied with all of it.

Yes, I'm going to continue to do these until I get bored and distracted, so don't worry, like three more days.


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Apr. 24th, 2019 06:17 pm
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A friend of mine just self-pubbed her first Western, A Woman of Worth, a delightfully tropey historical romance which features:

- not one, but two separate fake engagements!
- one of which involves a completely imaginary fiancé!
- an overwhelmingly responsible heroine who spends the entire book Consumed by a Minimally Dark Secret!
- kidnapping!
- marriage of convenience!
- romantic bonding over faking the death of a small child! (for the greater good, of course)

Less tropily, it also includes:
- lots of strong sibling relationships
- a major plotline about dealing with a parent with dementia, which does not get magically fixed by the end of the book
- sort of a spoiler )

This is very much a Western Historical Romance that is interested in leaning into the required beats rather than subverting them, which may or may not be the sort of thing you like. However if you want to spend a very enjoyable few hours watching two serious and socially awkward eldest siblings play 'I'm too responsible to date you!' chicken with each other, this is currently ninety-nine cents to purchase and I'm only sorry I was too impatient to save it for my upcoming plane ride this Friday.

Gym log, Wednesday 24th April 2019

Apr. 24th, 2019 02:27 pm
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Dumbbell benchpress: 1x5 at 17.5kg/arm, 4x5 at 20kg/arm
Squats: 5x5 at 90kg
Hip thrust: 3x5 at 40kg
Dumbbell bent-over row: 5x5 at 15kg/arm
Deadlift: 3x8 at 50kg
Lat raise: 3x10 at 7kg/arm
Scap raise: 3x10 at 4kg/arm
Military press: 3x8 at 4kg/arm.

Exercise bike: 2km in 05:10.

The Story of the Cat

Apr. 24th, 2019 07:42 am
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So, this past Friday I found a stray cat in our backyard, incompetently trying to catch birds in our bird feeder area. I thought it was the large adult cat that comes into our yard occasionally so went out there to chase it away. But when it came out of the cover of the plants, I saw it was much smaller and younger, probably under a year old. I called it and it stopped and actually wanted to come to me. When it came close, I realized it was a young cat, still very kittenish, and basically a skeleton with fur.

I brought it some food and it snatched the first bite and ran away to eat it. Then sort of gradually calmed down and realized it could have the whole bowl. We weren't sure what to do, but after a little while it was crying to come in the house, so we ended up bringing it in and sequestering it in the guest bathroom. (We have two inside-only cats so introducing it into the household was going to be a process.) And naturally it was Friday night and the vet didn't open until Monday so we had to wait to get its health checked out.

This cat was clearly a house cat who had been dumped. He had been fixed, he was immediately cuddly and sweet, and he even purred loudly when he realized he was inside a house. I took him to the vet on Monday then found out they were out of Feline leukemia tests and wouldn't have them until Tuesday. Also we found a cat bite on his hip, so there was a chance he might have it and it got really nerve-racking. But I took him in on Tuesday, and he didn't have it, so now we have a new cat.

And here's a photo:

Beetroot lentil salad

Apr. 24th, 2019 01:02 pm
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1 tin green lentils, drained
circa 2 peeled cooked small beetroots, finely chopped (I use the pre-cooked vacuum-packed ones because they are a boon to humanity
circa 1/4 to 1/2 red onion, chopped
handful or two green leafy stuff (spinach, wild garlic, mixed salad leaves, whatever you have that can be eaten raw)
optional: hard goat's cheese, cubed -- as much as you want! keep adding until it looks right to you!


2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp cider vinegar
1 or 2 tsp wholegrain mustard
pinch salt, pinch black pepper
optional: 1 pinch to 1 tsp curry powder, depending on heat of curry powder and personal preference

Mix the dressing, pour over everything else. Lasts reasonably well in the fridge without going soggy (though the beetroot will start tinting the other ingredients pink). This is excellent with some eggs fried in olive oil and put on top.

N.B. I am ambivalent at best about beetroot, so anything that makes me choose to eat it has to be pretty good.


Apr. 24th, 2019 08:24 pm
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I just added the following line to my .bashrc:
alias week='date +%U'

Now if I type "week" in a terminal window it tells me what week of the year it is. Which is a thing I would want to do, yes.

One of those rare times when a real thing that was annoying me was actually a thing I could fix using my Unix skills.

bathrooms over broadway

Apr. 24th, 2019 02:06 am
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Ran across this delightful documentary completely by accident. It's about the little-known world of so-called "industrial musicals," that is, fully fledged Broadway musicals that were for company executives or salespeople only. Some soundtracks and video still survive, and they are amazing to listen to. The movie goes through their discovery, then extends to meeting the people who performed in them and wrote them.

Check it out - Bathtubs Over Broadway. You'll find you can't stop humming "My Bathroom" to yourself.

Here's the trailer:

Corporate hagiographies are fantastic, especially in musical form.

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Apr. 23rd, 2019 11:49 pm
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It's been a decent day. I spent a very long time talking about all sorts of stuff with a gal met in a coffee shop.

I spent time talking with someone from the Government Accountability Project, who knew my dad. I'll be setting up some way to donate to their whistleblower legal fund in his memory.

The head of the Administrative Law Judges referred to Dad as A Lion in the ALJ community. I asked if he knew him, and he said, "I never met him, but I've heard about him my whole career."

Over on FB I also created a fundraiser for the FSH society. It was that sort of muscular dystrophy that so limited Dad's last year.

Of course there was no need for it to be anywhere near so limited. Some was his stubbornness, some was Stepmother and the driveway, some was Billy's choices about the van she was looking at (it was cheap but deemed too old to go North, but it could have at least gone around town) and some was him needing to keep his legs up plus his chair being way less comfortable for him than the recliner.

I don't know if there was a lot more I could have accomplished for him, but I do wish I'd gotten a google assistant in there.

What's so hard is that there's so much that people with even more physical limitation can do with the right supports.

I just read an opinion piece by Paul Krugman about what the GOP is apparently okay with*, and the threat to democracy from not caring about a foreign power attacking our elections. I said in response on fb,
It might be a mercy that my father died before this became quite so clear.

I had a recurring argument with him during 2017, where I would try to get across the gravity of what I saw happening and he would insist that the institutions would hold and we would survive this. And sometimes I would get through, and he'd say maybe the institutions wouldn't hold. And it was heartbreaking, as though I had destroyed somebody's faith. I started avoiding those conversations.


Wish me luck on not being too bruised tomorrow. During my walk around the tidal basin I walked, fast, right into a branch.


* the Krugman piece )


Apr. 23rd, 2019 10:01 pm
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Happy 455th (as celebrated), Will Shakespeare!

In his honour, here's that masterpiece of stop-motion animation, my beloved Next: The Infinite Variety Show.  Spot all the plays!  I am sorry for the sadly bleared video.  The only sharper version I could find is a half-minute extract from BFI, which at least will give you some idea of its beauty; its wit, I think, is evident.



Apr. 23rd, 2019 10:54 pm
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Drove my brother to a medical appointment. Gathered laundry. Ran the dishwasher. Changed the sheets on the bed. Made dinner.

My word, but my life is a never-ending whirl of gaiety and delight.

(On the other hand, dinner came out well. And fresh sheets are always a good thing. So there is that.)

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Apr. 23rd, 2019 10:23 pm
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Accomplishments for today:

*The Usual
*I graded all the entrance tickets from yesterday and today (but I haven't entered them yet, gotta get on that.
*Gave participation grades for yesterday and today (but again, need to enter).
*Almost totally prepped Algebra for tomorrow, at least half-prepped Calculus for tomorrow.
*I'm giving that last one another star, because I fucking _never_ prep work in advance.

*Sent a couple emails, made a Facebook post
*Did brainstorming work about who runs parties and the like
*Made suggestions about Potpourri classes

*Wanked around and caught Jenn up on the last few weeks (California, NEFFA, Evidence, That Drama From School From A Couple Weeks Ago)
*Discussed sleep issues and how to be healthier around them

*Got 1500 unread emails out of my inbox, only 2,942 to go (and they get harder from here).
*Wrote my words for the 137th day in a row.
*Listened to a lot of Vienna Teng
*Might go to bed before eleven. Not sure yet, will try and check in tomorrow.

Becoming Effective

Apr. 23rd, 2019 09:29 pm
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I dunno how long it will last, but fuckit, I'm tired of being Absolute Trash and I'd like to just generally Suck Less. So here's some things we're gonna do about it.

(Yes obvs we're going to do all of these at once, how else do I completely guarantee burning out in less than a week and forgetting all positive progress?)

*Sleep! Look, fine, I've hit the tipping point. Let me reassure you, I still utterly despise the very concept of sleep. It's so boring. It's so much time where you could be doing fun and/or useful things. I hate it so so so so much. BUT. Working hypothesis, drawn by everyone on the internet talking about it and also mek calling me out and also confirmed as probable by my therapist, is that if I sleep more, then my waking time will be less braindead and more productive. I will be able to do more fun and/or useful things anyways! What a clever trick.

yeah, I hate everything about this, but I'm gonna try and commit to getting more sleep, through some combination of: long afternoon naps (1-2 sleep cycles), setting my alarm for realistically later and not hitting snooze (since we all know all those nine minute cycles are not actually helpful or restful1), actually going the fuck to bed when it's bedtime (which is 11 on school nights, you know that you ponce what even was last night), and trying to get some of my prep-work done afterschool so I can arrive at school later in the morning (as in, not times that start with 6, yes really, all the damn time) instead of frantically needing a half-hour per different class before school starts at 7:45.

I don't think I will do all of those on the same day. I don't think I'll do any of them reliably or regularly. Recommendations for other ways to make sleep more frequent are great. Telling me to go the fuck to bed is also good.

*Emails! The greatest blow to my ego in the last two years2 was hearing a friend describe me as "bad at email" to another friend. Mostly because she was right, which is a vile fact and I'm sorry for it.

Anyways, the whole "one day at a time" thing applies here, and I've done all the emails for today. Inbox zero is a legitimately impossible thing, but maybe I can get _fewer than 4k fucking unread emails kthanks_. I did do a bunch of new label-filters, so that'll help. One step at a time, whee!

*Fiction! did you know I brought a story for other people to read, complete damn strangers, and they reacted positively? I am absolutely reeling! And yes, mek's writing group is full of super nice people, but still! Maybe I should try fiction writing more sometime, because legit, that was from 2014.

*Work! we're not gonna talk about how things are going at work shhh everything's fine, no I'm not in the hell-space where evidence is in but I don't know yet if I have a job next year hahaha it's great everything's great why wouldn't it be great?

*Social! It's not winter anymore! I mean, the weather is awful (repent to your weather lords), but we're out of the really cold and dark SAD season. So maybe I can start interacting positively with people I like? I use google chat and discord, hmu! Yes, I would love to do a short fun social with you in a late afternoon or early evening! Maybe a dinner before dancing sometime? Ice cream on a Friday night? Who knows!

*Housecleaning Yeah, so like, I filed extension-on-taxes, which involved sending a rough approximation of money to the government, but I based it on the 2017 amount I sent, which was WAY HIGHER than it would be this year, because I spent half of 2017 self-employed and not paying my own taxes. What does this have to do with Housecleaning? The fact that my mail is currently scattered through the fucking disaster that is my bedroom and maybe if I organized All That I could get my tax stuff actually done for real and get some money back from the government. That'd be keen!

If you would like to literally or metaphorically (via Skype/Hangouts/whathaveyou) sit on my bed and keep me company some afternoon while I roomclean, that'd be incredibly useful and I'd be very into it.



1: One of my favourite things about the digital age is the ability to highlight any word I type and hit the "look up" button on my computer and have an immediate pop-up of the actual definition. Case in point, I originally had restive here, but that is actually the exact opposite! Thanks dictionary!

2: The greatest blow to my ego ever was probably not getting hired back at the private school, but that was now more than two years ago. Time is marching on and all.


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