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A Tribute to Carrie Fisher: I grew up on Star Wars: the original was one of the first movies we had on VHS and got watched over and over again, Jedi was one of the first movies I saw in the theatre. And I still hadn't realised how much of an impact it'd had on me until I got unexpectedly sniffly at this video. Gonna have to look up Wishful Drinking and The Princess Diaries, I think.

Frodo Didn't Fail: "Again and again in The Lord of the Rings, we see that strategically pursuing the greater good fails, while remaining true to moral principles succeeds even when it looked foolish."

Love in the Time of Cryptography: "Having your friends and community testifying to your love beats all the selfies in the world."

The Ballad of Maui Hair: "Friend 1: I'm going in for surgery on the 18th. Friend 2: Oh, dear-- Maui Hair: I didn't see the hospital in Maui. *thunderstruck silence* Friend 3: Of course you didn't. Bless your heart."

So A Nazi Walks Into An Iron Bar: the Meyer Lansky Story: "I'm picturing a lot of newsboy caps and comments like 'no no not like that, my bubbe (ofblessedmemory) punches better than that, you grip the brass knuckles like this.'"

Also, hey, it's been awhile since I checked in with my 101 in 1001 list. I've not been ignoring it, just not talking much about it.

101 in 1001 update (the list)

3) Travel somewhere in Canada I've not been, somewhere further than 50 miles from Vancouver (other than the island). Williams Lake, 2017-05-02
19) See a concert by an artist I'm unfamiliar with. Crow and the Canyon / Full Moon Riot, 2016-11-11
20) See a concert by an artist I've listened to for at least five years. Tylan Greenstein (Mouths of Babes), 2017-01-28
29) Get my eyes checked, and new glasses if required. 2016-11-08
33) Get into something physical: yoga, tai chi, martial art, dance, something. Yoga, 2017-05-02
64) Play 50 18xx games (50/50). 2017-04-15 1846, 2017-01-22. 1889, 2017-03-05. 2038 (with expansion), 2017-04-14. 1822, 2017-04-15. 1846, 2017-04-15
73) Get savings up to a year's living expenses. 2017-01-31
78) Move to a less frustrating apartment. Differently frustrating, anyway. 2016-12-19
80) Clean & organize the office. 2016-12-05
81) Clean & organize the top of the dresser. 2016-12-17
84) Purge unwanted CDs. 2017-01-22
94) Cook something new. Apple rice, though I doubt I'll repeat it, 2017-01-19

In progress:
24) Write to three dozen new people (9/36).
25) Collect a dozen rejections (1/12).
55) Read or purge the second quarter of the "unread" books (7/60). Read Fire on the Mountain by Terry Bisson. Purged One-Eyed Jack by Elizabeth Bear.
65) Play 20 different 18xx titles/scenarios (18/20). 2038 (with expansion), 2017-04-14. 1822, 2017-04-15.
86) Dispose of unwanted comics. Found a place that may take them...
89) Purge unwanted boardgames. About half have gone.
99) Resolve the situation around [REDACTED]. Resolving, maybe, sort of.

58) Finish acquiring and read/reread the entire Complete Peanuts (0/25). Abandoned 2017-01-28. They're taking up space and money, and I don't care enough to keep feeding the collector instinct.
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