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In early February I dropped a large sum of money on a viola. I ordered it through Long & McQuade, a Canadian music megastore, on the theory that they could a) get me a slightly better price than ordering direct from the manufacturer, and b) deal with any issues that I might happen to have. I was told it would likely arrive in late February.

In early March, when the viola hadn't yet arrived, I called L&M and left a message. I called them back a few days later, somewhat more irate, and got told that it would be here "hopefully by the end of next week." This sounded suspiciously like they hadn't bothered to even put the order in, but I let it go.

Today it's closer to the end of the week after that, and I've called them again.

It turns out that in fact they hadn't bothered to put the order in. There have been a large number of payment screwups in their head office, and mine was one of those affected. Not that anyone bothered to check this until I called to bug them.

So, I am told that the payment will definitely go through tonight, and the viola will ship directly to the Vancouver store instead of being routed through Toronto as was originally planned, and it'll be here in two weeks. Which probably means available for pickup the day after Easter Monday. And they'll give me a substantial discount on a bow as well.

Moral: do not purchase anything from Long & McQuade unless it is right there in front of you.
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