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I don't know.

I'm tired much of the time. Partly that's from having to be On eight hours a day again, I expect, but mostly it's from waking up at 6:30 6:15 sometime that starts with a five, and screw you, brain, I'd rather collect that last half hour of sleep.

(I could sleep in. Core Hours are ten to four and as long as I get my eight hours in nobody cares when I get in. But going in an hour later means fighting terrible skytrain traffic instead of just moderate, and going in two hours later means not leaving until six, which is Not Even Remotely Acceptable. I think this is the worst commute I've had since the summer I spent counting office furniture in Maryland. We have *got* to move closer in.)

I don't know if I'm actually too tired to keep up with what I'm doing or not.

I'll feel better about it once I'm comfortable checking mail & LJ/DW there. ... that was not intentionally a tautology, but I guess it turned out to be anyway.

Due in part to surprise!employment, I am not going to my twenty-year high school reunion next month.

There are maybe a half dozen people I'd be genuinely excited to see, mostly people I haven't seen in a good many years. It'd be nice to see a dozen or two more. The rest... I really don't care about. I didn't realise how much I don't care about them until I started seeing reunion-planning messages pop up on Facebook, and having vague memories float up associated with names and faces.

I am no longer in high school. It took me a long time to come to terms with that. Maybe it also took moving out here, where the nearest Jeffersonites I know are three hours and an international border away.

What I really regret missing is the autumn trees. I'd been kicking around the idea of going down to Blacksburg because the Applachians in October are not to be missed. Maybe next year.
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