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What the hell, Readercon. (tl;dr: con's stated harassment policy of 'zero-tolerance, offenders banned for life' is changed retroactively to 'offenders banned for two years if they're Really Sorry and/or Big Name Fans.')

I don't care how sorry the gentleman in question is, or whether he's learned from his actions, or what. There was an existing policy in place, and choosing to not follow that policy renders suspect any other policies the board may implement.

Not to mention that a harassment policy isn't about punishing or educating the harasser, which is what the board seems to be saying. It's about providing a safe and harassment-free environment for the con attendees.

Be interesting to see if anything changes over the weekend. Based on prior experience with one of the board members (Mr. Van showed up in comments to Genevieve Valentine's original report of harassment and did an excellent job of Not Getting It) I don't really expect it to, but maybe the loud and instantaneous outcry will have some effect.

If not, well. This does make next summer's con choices a little easier.


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