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As of yesterday I've developed a sore spot on the inside/back of my right hip, at a contact point for the bike seat. Excuse me, saddle. I'm not sure whether it's a bruise or a stretched muscle. I'd been thinking "bruise" but this morning it started out sore and felt much more neutral after a five-minute walk. I can't figure out a work-appropriate way to stretch it, unfortunately. Ibuprofen it is. I'm not sure whether the saddle needs adjusting, or if I just need to adjust to it.

I'm taking the bike in tomorrow anyway to get a rear fender attached. I rode home yesterday through a pretty good rain. That's still a surprisingly pleasant experience: the rain keeps me from overheating, and not having glasses means I can see in the rain, which is neat. But the pannier and the back of my jacket are both mildly mudspattered, and I'm told a fender will help with the worst of that.

The other thing about biking in rush hour in the rain is that it feels ... unsafe? Unpredictable? Impossible? I get a sense that there's no way I can possibly be sufficiently alert to account for all the cars and the pavement and the weather conditions and whatever else. That it's only a matter of time before something unpleasant inevitably happens. That part is less thrilling.
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On Saturday night I discovered that I tend to walk slightly on the blades of my feet. This is almost certainly doing terrible things for my posture.

cut for description of trauma, neither graphic nor permanent )
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So, on Monday my quickly formulated plan to "get up and answer the phone to let a package in" changed abruptly to "get up and slam my toe into the ottoman, then jump around and yell 'OW' a lot." For the record, the original plan was the better one.

Monday evening the bruise covered about half of my little toe. By Tuesday it had spread to the whole toe and down onto the foot a bit. The dark red / black hue was kind of pretty, actually, even if from a distance of a few feet it looked like it's going to fall off any minute.

Today it mostly just looks like I banged it up good. There's a black spot on the bottom of the toe and the whole thing is dark and red and angry. It hurts a lot less. That might be because I'm popping ibuprofen like candy in an effort to keep the swelling down.

I'm pretty sure it's not broken, just badly bruised. I'm icing it when I remember, and keeping it taped to the other one thanks to [personal profile] uilos (seriously, it is ridiculously hard to tape your two smallest toes together and not end up with a wad of tape covering half your foot), and mostly not poking at it too much. I'm waffling on whether to see a doctor. I mean, what's he going to say: "yep, it's broken. ice it and take ibuprofen and keep it taped to the other one." I guess if the black blob under the nail gets too bad I should have it looked at.

In all: not particularly recommended.


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